Sunday, July 22, 2012

Doing God's Work for July 25th, 2012

Have you found this week has been more trials and tests of faith? All of God’s children go through these seasons, some daily. It is what brings us closer to God in prayer and reminds us of the scriptures He has given us to live by. Sometimes, we need a refresher course on what Christ has taught us. We will never graduate from these teachings until we are in glory with Him. Meanwhile, keep reading His word and never cease praying (Colossians 1:9). Yes, keep praying though they may seem to fall on deaf ears, HE likes us to keep in communication with Him. Watch our faith grow in our walk with God. When God chooses to answer our prayers, may we give Him ALL the praise and glory. With the world events happening closer to home, families being separated, wars, crops failing due to drought, pain and suffering this world offers; all the more reason to stay in prayer. I ask God to plant the seed of faith for many things, which I intend to hold on and not rest until I see his results. May we bond in prayer for rain, peace, and tranquility. This week, we went out into the Mission field. Going into His mission field opened eyes to see the many reasons to pray and the many reasons to give Him thanks for. Wednesday, the extreme heat didn’t keep some from coming to sing songs of praise and pray. We prayed for those who suffer from heat and relief. Finding songs that helped to shape our faith and what we believe was not difficult for us. July 29th is the last Sunday to bring school items to the church. They will be distributed August 10th. Pastor Janis can be found at Ravenwood Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday afternoon at Grant City, and Hopkins mid-day on Fridays unless God calls her into the mission field for other needs. Join us in His house to worship and give thanks for His many blessings. We’ll be doing a study on what shapes our faith and belief. What is your purpose He has chosen you for? See you in church!

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