Friday, July 13, 2012

Grant City VFW Seeks New Members

The Grant City VFW Post 3123 is seeking new members. The VFW is an organization which is dedicated to promoting the interests of veterans in Congress. At the local level, they do community service projects such as ceremonial funeral services, disposal of tattered/torn flags, and other such projects. The purpose of the VFW is to put the interests of their members first, promote patriotism, honor military service, ensure the care of veterans and their families, and serve communities. Following the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection from 1899-1902, many veterans arrived home wounded or sick and there was no medical care or veterans pensions for them and they were left to care for themselves. By 1915, there were 5,000 members and by 1936, there were almost 200,000. Among critical legislative victories were the creation of the Veterans Administration, creating a GI Bill following World War II, the development of the national cemetery system, the fight for compensation for veterans exposed to Agent Orange following the Vietnam War, and a new GI Bill for the 21st century which benefits Iraq and Afghan War Veterans. They also helped fund the Vietnam, Korean War, World War II, and Women in Military Service Memorials as well as the Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial, which opened in November 2010. The VFW also seeks to meet the unmet needs of military families around the country. This program seeks to meet the unmet expenses of military families such as rent, mortgage, utilities, vehicle repair, medical expenses, and food/basic assistance. Funds are available to all five branches of the military as well as members of the National Guard and Reserves. Assistance is awarded in the form of a grant, not a loan, so recipients are not required to pay it. The money is paid directly to the creditor, not the individual. Over 3100 families have been helped in the last several years. The VFW is also seeking to bring closure to families with a person who was missing in action. This year, for the first time, a delegation from the VFW was allowed inside the Chinese military archives in Beijing to search for information about servicemen missing in action from World War II and other conflicts. They also work with the Vietnamese and Russian governments to get information about servicemen missing in action. The Grant City VFW meets every second Thursday at 7:00 at the VFW building in Grant City. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Commander Robert Hull at (660) 564-2100. Members participate in ceremonial funeral services around the area as well as meet every month and perform other community service projects.


LisaH said...

Nice article Jesse - I would like to add that you do not have be a member of the VFW to participate in the Funeral Detail. Younger Veterans who have time to honoring our fellow Veterans are more than welcome to help out! Call Bob to volunteer. Thanks - Lisa H.

LisaH said...

Nice article Jesse - the VFW Auxiliary also is seeking new members. If interested we meet on the second Thursday of each month either in the VFW Building (Doc Matteson's Office). Also - any veteran who would like to participate in the funeral details is more than welcome.