Sunday, July 1, 2012

Doing God's Work for July 4th, 2012

How hot it is! It’s been so hot that I seen a squirrel picking up walnuts with pot holders on! Praying God will cool us down some so as not to burn the crops. Through it all, HE has it under control and I’m sure it will amaze us when harvest time rolls around. Some wheat fields have been harvested lately.
Church at the lake didn’t happen. Due to weather, it was changed to the Ravenwood United Methodist Church fellowship hall. Pastor Janis Tobias delivered her first sermon; considering the hot weather and short notice, worship had a good turnout. It was followed by a picnic and fellowship.
4th of July celebrations make me think what it really means beyond fireworks and picnics; freedom to worship God. I think we take it for granted sometimes. In other suppressed countries, one can’t risk being caught praying to our God. Thank our military for keeping us safe!
Wherever God may lead you this week, please take time to thank him. God bless you; see you in church Sunday!

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