Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mark Memoly -- Using Technology to Connect People with Higher Paying Jobs

GOP US Senate Candidate Mark Memoly posted an idea for connecting people with higher paying jobs:
Mining a product to enhance Environment
Employing People with Quality Jobs
Manufacturing to enhance Environment
Offering individuals Higher Wages
Liberating many people from poverty today
Yes we can do it Modernizing Energy & Transportation Infrastructure
= Memoly in Missouri
USA = What we will do first: Make changes to Job Application Process enabling people to save time i.e. not repeatedly typing information i.e. High School.
PACCAR is one company that offers this type of application. Teaming up with Business, Community Groups, Government, & Labor will employ people and generate Fun.
Imagine you have just worked an 80 hour week and the last thing you want to do is look for a job.
Because you completed this application process, similar to E-Verify, an employer contacts you and offers a salary increase of $16,000.
For a complete rundown of his ideas, visit his campaign website here.

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