Tuesday, July 3, 2012

US Senate Candidate John Brunner on Agriculture

From his agriculture page:
As Missouri’s next Senator, I will be an advocate for production agriculture and re-inject commonsense into agriculture policy.
Missouri is blessed to have a thriving and diverse agriculture industry. Each year, Missouri’s agricultural output contributes over $12 billion to our state economy — representing about 7% of our annual gross state product. I understand that Missouri’s farmers and ranchers are the cornerstone of our state’s economy. Unfortunately, some leaders in Washington simply do not get it. The Obama administration and its supporters in Congress have threatened or imposed burdensome agriculture regulations on everything from farm dust, to spilled milk. To make matters worse, these senseless and oppressive federal regulations are stifling job growth in agriculture. As someone who ran a business and created jobs, I understand how regulation, or the threat of regulation, can directly impact the bottom line. In this uncertain and onerous regulatory environment, Missouri farmers and ranchers cannot grow their operations and the cost of production is skyrocketing.

For a complete rundown of his issues, visit here.

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