Wednesday, July 4, 2012

US Senate Candidate Robert Poole says Truckers are Backbone for Economy

GOP US Senate Candidate Robert Poole says that truckdrivers are the backbone to the economy. He would work with World Power Corporation, an energy production company, on a plan which he says would create 200,000 jobs within his first 120 days in office. He focuses extensively on alternative energy. He would pay off student loans for all students who maintain an A or B average in college and would refuse to vote for any bill unless he reads it in its entirety.
 It doesn't take a political genius to figure out that we need jobs back in America now, however none of our politicians or leaders have a plan on how they can provide us with those much needed jobs. I DO. As you read about these important issues that we as a country are facing TOGETHER, you will see exactly how I am going to bring the jobs we need back to this state and country. This is not another empty promise or great plan lacking true substance, I have real jobs and I have them now. By working with World Power Corporation we will be able to provide at least 200,000 JOBS within my first 120 days and this will trickle down to much, much more in the coming years. All the jobs created by World Power Corporation will be PERMANENT AND HIGH PAYING JOBS!
 I believe that they truckers are the backbone of America. Think about it, everything you buy and consume is moved by a truck to get to it's destination. My plan is to introduce a bill into congress TO CUT DIESEL FUEL TAX OUT COMPLETELY FOR SIX MONTHS. This will give you guys and gals a much needed break NOW. This will put $30, $60, $90 a day, and more cash back in your pockets TODAY. I will also meet with the governors of all the states to try and get them to reduce the price of tolls for truckers to the same price of cars. 
 Did you know that all farmers get a tax break on their diesel fuel. This is a good thing and they deserve it because they are growing our crops, but the truckers  deserve this break also because they move our crops.
 By getting rid of these taxes it will bring down the cost of food for the consumer as well. Everything in America is moved by our truckers, so when they get hit at the pump, we get hit at the store. By implementing this bill, we not only help the truckers but we help the everyday consumer as well.
For more information, read his website here.

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