Monday, September 12, 2016

Tyler New Sets ‘Lil Tigers Rushing Record With 255 Yards

Tyler New broke a ‘Lil Tigers record by ripping off 255 yards in 11 carries Saturday as the two junior squads clashed. The Black squad beat the White squad in a brutal battle, 31-6, in which New was the one person who was able to consistently find daylight. There have been other 200-yard performances for the ‘Lil Tigers; Tevin Cameron, Caleb Parman, and Brevyn Ross both broke the 200 yard barrier for the squad. Dylan McIntyre would go on to get 227 for the older squad.

Tyler New started off his afternoon Saturday by getting loose on a sweep with 13:03 left in the first quarter on the Bengals’ second play from scrimmage, scoring from 62 yards out. Landon Wilmes ran in the extra point to make it 7-0.

The Bengals were faced with third and long on their next series, but once again it didn’t matter as Tyler New broke outside and ran down the right sideline for his squad’s second score with 6:04 left to make it 13–0.

New recovered a fumble on defense, but then there was a scary moment when he took a helmet to the arm fighting for yardage and everyone thought it had broke initially. But it was simply a bruise, nothing that couldn’t be cured with rest and ice. He came back in halfway through the second quarter, but by that time, the momentum had stalled into a defensive struggle and neither side could move the ball offensively the rest of the half. Adam Swaney and Jax Henderson were making plays for the white squad on defense, while Elias Alarcon was a force on defense for the black squad.

Jadin DeFreece got rare yardage for the black squad when he dragged a host of defenders 13 yards to midfield and Landon Wilmes picked up an 18-yarder to the White 22 before that drive stalled out. Jadin DeFreece and Autumn Cousette combined to drop Karson Briner on one play before he could even get off a handoff to thwart a drive. Late in the first half, Tyler New, showing no ill effects from his arm bruise, got loose for 30 yards with 43 seconds left, but Grant McIntyre made a touchdown saving tackle at the 19 and the drive stalled there.

Grant McIntyre found rare daylight for the white squad from 70 yards out to cut their deficit to 13-6 with 11:44 left in the third, but Tyler New countered with a 60 yard scamper down the left sideline to give Black some separation again at 19-6. Chase Clabaugh recovered a fumble to set up Tyler New’s 31 yard sweep to the 1 early in the fourth. Carter Chapman from the white squad saved a score, but Landon Wilmes was in the end zone on the next play to make it 25-6. Elias Alarcon picked off a desperation pass in the closing seconds for a pick six.

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