Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tate Welch, Leslie Birkenholz Win Pig Show Awards at State Fair

Missouri junior swine exhibitors travelled to jackpot shows throughout the summer competing for points in the MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit.  Points for the circuit could be earned from twenty different shows held across Missouri. An awards presentation was conducted to conclude the program August 10 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. Over $14,000 in cash and prizes were awarded to the winners in various categories.

Winners, by town, are:

Wyatt Ellis – Bethany – 10th place in Crossbred Barrows

Leslie Birkenholz – Hopkins – 10th place in Overall Gilt, 4th place in Berkshire Gilts, 2nd place in Hampshire Gilts, 2nd place in OPB Gilts, 2nd place in Poland China Gilts

Chloe Hodge – New Hampton – 5th place in Berkshire Barrows

Shambree Hagan – Princeton – 6th place in Overall Gilts, 4th place in Duroc Gilts, 1st place in Poland China Gilts, 4th place in Yorkshire Gilts
Eli Henke – Princeton – 8th place in Overall Gilts, 1st place in Chester White Gilts, 5th place in Crossbred Gilts, 1st place in Showmanship-Intermediate
Brylee Williams – Princeton – 2nd place in Overall Barrows, 2nd place in Crossbred Barrows, 3rd place in Duroc Barrows

Tate Welch – Sheridan – 7th place in Overall Barrows, 4th place Chester White Gilts, 1st place in Poland China Barrows, 4th place in Showmanship-Intermediate

Premium sponsors for this year’s Circuit included Northeast Veterinary Service, Heimer Hampshires, Show Stock Outfitters and Judging Pro. Funds were also raised through advertising in the official pocket guide and a benefit auction.

This year, 220 kids participated in the program, accumulating points from twenty shows held across Missouri. Points could be earned in each of the following breeds for both market barrows and breeding gilts: Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Poland China, Spotted, Tamworth, Yorkshire, OPB and Crossbred. Points were also earned for members who participated in one of four Showmanship divisions. Prizes were awarded to the top five finishers in each breed for both market barrows and breeding gilts, and in each Showmanship division. The top ten were awarded in the crossbred division. Prizes were also awarded to the top ten exhibitors in both overall barrow and overall gilt categories.

The MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit is designed to provide junior swine exhibitors the opportunity to develop their citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship skills and to reward Missouri youth for their participation and hard work for exhibiting their swine projects statewide. For more information, contact the Missouri Pork Association at (573) 445-8375, or visit the MYSPC webpage, http://www.mopork.com/youth/mpa-youth-show-pig-circuit/

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