Monday, September 26, 2016

Hazardous Mitigation Meeting Set for Allendale

Would you like to help create safer and more resilient communities in Worth County?

There is an EASY way to do exactly that!  Come to the meeting in Allendale to meet with local leaders and to tell us your stories about any natural disaster we have endured since 2011.  Bet you know of someone or some structure that was harmed in an ice storm, wind storm, flooding, tornado or other natural hazard.  Firsthand information is very important to the plan update.

We are updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan for Worth County and its communities to assure that the county will be eligible for FEMA hazard mitigation funds when we face the next natural disaster.  YES, I SAID WHEN, NOT IF.  We are planning in order to decrease the impact of the next natural disaster so residents and businesses suffer fewer losses.

During this meeting, a summary will be provided of the draft risk assessment.  Participants will be requested to contribute to the review.  They will also help update the plan goals that provide the basis for the mitigation strategy portion of the plan.  The planning committee will also begin the process of updating of the status of each hazard mitigation action that was included in the previous Hazard Mitigation Plan for Worth County.

Join us on October 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM at the Allendale Community Center for the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update meeting.   We need information about the past five years from the residents and businesses that may have had damage to their property.  Call Linda Laderoute at 660-582-5121 for more information.  The meeting is hosted by the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments.

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