Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ceremony Held Awarding Hopkins CBC Walking Trail, Ballpark Funds

The Hopkins Community Betterment Club(HCB) of Hopkins, MO, recently received grants from the Dugdale Charitable Trust Fund in the amount of $1,500, the Gary G. Taylor Charitable Trust for $7,000, and from the Harry and Helena Messick Charitable Trust for $3,500.  The HCB will use the funds toward the building of a walking trail in the Hopkins City Park along with erecting a fence around the baseball/softball field and football field.

Their purpose is to support and improve the quality of life throughout the community.  They feel there is a need for a safer place for young and old to walk as well as help the school aged students have a place to practice running track and the chain link fence will protect the improvements that have been made to the fields, guard against vandalism, and provide spectator protection.  The HCB Club is very grateful for help from these charitable trusts.

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