Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bids Opened for Sheridan $1.3 Million Water Line

Snyder & Associates opened bids for the $1.3 million water line project for the City of Sheridan. There were five contractors who bid. The tentative low bidder was Great Plains Contractor, which had a slightly higher base bid that M.B. Construction, but submitted lower bids for the four different options for the project. The total bid was $1,028,928 for Great Plains. Snyder will now go through all of the bids and make sure the numbers add up. In 60-90 days, Snyder will make recommendations to the Sheridan City Council. Then, there will be a preconstruction meeting, in which the winning bidder will put together performance and bid bonds.

The bid came in slightly over the estimate of $1,010,000. The cost figures includes the base bid involving putting in a new water main for Sheridan. Other options included in the estimate include painting the inside of the water tower, overcoating the exterior of the tower, sandblasting the exterior, and installing an automatic meter reading system.

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