Monday, November 7, 2016

Worth County Sheriff's Report

11-1 – Officer transporting prisoner to doctor in Mount Ayr.
11-2 – Officer working funeral traffic.
11-3 – Person calls about vandalism to tractor and bailer near Denver.
11-3 – Person in about a scam.
11-4 – Person calls about missing purse.
11-4 – Report of a missing purse.
11-4 – Report of accident at Route Z and 46. Officer investigates.
11-4 – Officer investigates domestic disturbance north of Allendale.
11-4 – Officer investigates report of car partly on roadway near Sheridan “Y.” Person has flat tire, will move car as soon as possible.
11-4 – Person reports someone backed into her truck; officer investigating.
11-4 – Person reports his dog being shot with an arrow; dog had to be put down.
11-4 – Report of minor accident at 169 and Route M; officer investigating.
11-5 – Officer looking for a car seat for a lady and child.

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