Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Karson Oberhauser Scores 17 in Mustang Victory

Karson Oberhauser played his best game yet in a Mustangs uniform, knocking down 17 of North Nodaway’s 24 points in their 24-19 victory over the Avenue City Aces to start the Northeast Nodaway Tournament. The game followed the script for a lot of their victories this year; hang with the other team for three quarters before waking up and putting them away.

The game was a sleeper through the first three quarters, with neither team able to buy a bucket except for Oberhauser, who had 10 of his team’s 14 points by then. Andrew Blackford had the other four.

North Nodaway led 14-11 after three in a game in which neither team led by more than four up to that point. But finally, Oberhauser opened the scoring with a 3-point play and got another pass inside from Andrew Blackford to make it 19-11. Cody Cline took a charge on defense and then followed it up by nailing a jumper from the high post to make it 21-11 with 4:22 left.

Avenue City, normally a powerhouse team, is struggling this year with only six players dressed out for the game. They nonetheless put together a frantic rally late when Alex Fitzgerald knocked down consecutive triples to make it 21-17 with 1:56 left, still plenty of time. But then North Nodaway got a good possession on offense and Oberhauser converted a third-chance putback with 53 seconds left to make it 23-17. Frustration set in for Fitzgerald, who was whistled for an intentional foul with 41 seconds left and Andrew Blackford converted one of two to make it three possessions.

Jadon Dobbins did all she could for the girls, putting up 17 points, but the Mustangs fell to Avenue City 42-23. It was a scoring duel between her and Corinne Stewart of the Aces, who had 25 points and 15 steals.

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