Monday, November 14, 2016

Three Guilty Pleas Received in Court

Three guilty pleas were received in Worth County Circuit Court Monday.

Brandy Harrington pleaded guilty to speeding and operating without a valid license. A charge of driving while revoked was dismissed. She was placed on probation for one year and assessed $146.50 in fines and costs. She must obey all laws, have her license restored in 30 days, and pay all costs by December 14th.

Brenda Morin (48) of Grant City pleaded guilty to DWI. She had been charged with operating a vehicle on 6th Street in Grant City on September 19th while intoxicated. She was given two years probation, must obey all laws, serve two years court-supervised probation, and assessed $479.50 in fines and costs, payable at $50/month until paid starting December 15th.

Modanna Meyer pleaded guilty to driving while revoked, failure to secure a child, and speeding. She was assessed $502 in fines and court costs; she must make payments of $25/month starting January 9th.

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