Monday, November 21, 2016

Worth County School Audit Showed Small Surplus for Previous Year

The Worth County School showed a small $17,804 surplus in the previous school year in the general fund. This was according to the audit report that was presented to the board at the school board meeting Thursday. The report was prepared by Westbrook & Company, which successfully bid on the project and which has been auditing the school for the last few years. The school had $1,163,491 in general fund reserves on July 1st, , compared to $1,145,687 in the previous year. The school transferred $150,000 from the general fund to the Capital Projects Fund, which has $880,472. This includes the $500,000 that the school received from the voter-approved bond issue to redo the gym and parking lot and perform needed maintenance work.

During the school year, the school received $3,720,240 in revenues. This includes $1,684,043 in local revenues, $214,957 in county revenues, $1,517,750 in state revenues, $272,406 in federal revenues, and $31,084 in other revenue sources. Expenses include $1,919,359 in instruction, $120,387 in student services, $178,372 in instructional staff support, $167,307 in general administration and central services, $196,921 in building administration, $262,519 in operational costs, $215,278 in food service expenses, $88,601 in community services, $19,678 in facility acquisition and construction, and $106,352 in debt service principal and interest.  Total expenses were $3,537,548. The total surplus across all four funds, not counting bond money, was $182,692.

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