Friday, March 17, 2017

Worth County School Board Rehires All Teachers

The Worth County School Board offered all their certified teachers contracts for the 2017-2018 school year following a brief closed session after their regular Board of Education Meeting Thursday evening. For the non-tenured elementary, rehired were Nanci Drury, Amanda Pottorff, Bryce Schafer, Stephanie Scofield, and Jami Stalder. Tenured elementary staff rehired were Stormy Hayes, Leena Hightshoe, Amy Jackson, Jodi Lawrence, Patty Pischer, Linda Phipps, and Trisha Ross. Non-tenured staff rehired for high school included Karen Andrews, Tiffany Bliley, Coleen Combs, Blaire Owens, Julie Capps, and William Coleman. Tenured staff rehired included Jonell Cook, Amy Garrett, April Healy, Chris Healy, Selina O'Connor, Farrah Richey, Kelley Ross, Josh Smith, Merry Spiers, and Julia Wideman.

The board conducted a brief public hearing on the school calendar, since it running early this year. Afterwards, no changes were made to the 2017-2018 calendar. School was called off for one afternoon due to the Sectional Basketball game that Worth County's boys played in. While some schools such as Jefferson call off school during Show-Me Showdown, the Worth County school board decided to have the administration make the call on whether or not to have school on a case by case basis. "Do we do it for state golf?" asked board member Tish Warner.

Teachers Patty Lischer and Julie Capps gave presentations about their work during the CTA portion of the board meeting. Lischer reported that they were doing data-driven instruction in the elementary and working with students on setting academic goals for themselves.

Julie Capps talked about her time in general since coming to Worth County. She said it was a leap of faith to move across the state, but that it was worth it every day. She reported that she was teaching students how to play the recorder starting in 5th grade. She said the High School band was doing well and was not afraid to ask questions. A new 6th grade band has also been formed. She said they had really taken off after the Christmas break and that she wanted to see them enter into contests at some point. The high school band resurrected the old school fight song, "Faithful and True-Hearted" and is playing at football and basketball games.

The 5th and 6th graders and Junior High competed in honor choir last fall. Capps said her favorite part of teaching band was concerts and competitions. She is heavily involved with musical and professional organizations; she is a member of the Missouri Bandmasters Association. She drives to Liberty to go to the North Winds Symphonic Band and also goes to Cameron to perform.

At the elementary level, Capps reported that the Cat in the Hat came to school earlier this month and donated books to the school library. During the week of February 27th to March 5th, there were dress-up days at the elementary. Monday was Red & Blue day, Tuesday was crazy socks, Wednesday was wear green, Thursday was Twin Day, and Friday was Hat Day. A new Tri-Music Honor Society has been formed at the school, which will give the students more recognition. The school has 16 ensembles planned for the Solo Ensemble and will compete in the Large Ensemble Festival as well. For the Elementary Concert, the K-2 will put on a play, accompanied by the 6th Grade Band. Down the road, Capps said she would like to take the band to Worlds of Fun, Show-Me Showdown, and MMEA.

Capps reported that the school has a massive surplus of instruments accumulated over the years. She and the administration will come up with a plan to care for and use them over the next few years.

Board President Rodney Brown presented a certificate of appreciation to outgoing board member Stephanie Hardy for her service to the board. She is not seeking reelection this year. Seeking reelection are incumbents Jeff Andrews and Tyler Steele along with challengers Amanda Gilland and Amber Monticue.

Elementary Principal Chuck Borey reported that character superstars for February did a party with the Principal and Mrs. Pottorff. In conjunction with Worth County Emergency Management, the school conducted a tornado drill on March 7th. An Elementary Math Contest was held at Northeast Nodaway; qualifying from Worth County were Lance Abplanalp, Alison Anderson, Levi Cassavaugh, Ethan Frese, Tyler New, and Zane Rippy.

Sue Robison from University Extension comes every Tuesday to teach nutrition classes with the students. 2nd graders worked on sorting a variety of different foods into the five different food groups. 3rd graders are learning about the different nutrients that bodies need to be healthy.

A career day was held for the fourth through sixth graders organized by Mrs. Pottorff. Six different speakers came to the school to talk about their work. They were Matt Pearl (Times-Tribune), Amber Monticue (Great Western Bank), Dan Weddle (Hilltop Vet), Austin Hann (Nodaway County Sheriff's Department) along with the drug dog, Barry McClellan (United Electric), and D.J. Engel (Natural Resources and Agriculture).

Principal Jon Adwell reported that 8th graders had taken a tour of the Vo-Tech School with Ms. Owens. The FFA and FCCLA took a joint field trip and to Kansas City. They played laser tag in the limestone caves, went to the Oak Park Mall where there were huge can sculptures there, and did community service work at Harvesters.

The school received three bids for mowing the non-athletic grounds at the school. Larry Kinsella bid $300 per mow. Anthony Steinhauser bid $325 per mow. Kobbe Lawn Care bid $371.50 per mow. Anthony Steinhauser had mowed the school grounds for the last six years; however, the board awarded the mowing contract to Larry Kinsella, who was the low bidder. The vote was 4-2, with board members Stephanie Hardy and Matt Kanak voting to go with Steinhauser's bid.

The school solicited bids for a seven-passenger vehicle that would be used to transport the golf team or other school organizations to events. Glendenning bid $21,000 for a grey Chrysler Town & Country for $21,000 with 25,500 miles. Pettijohn submitted three bids. One was for a red and black Dodge Grand Caravan for $17,950 (28,119 miles). One was for a black and gold Chrysler Town & Country with 26,591 miles for $20,500. The third was for a white and black Chrysler Town and Country with 25,627 miles for $20,500. The board elected to go with the black and gold Chrysler because it had the school colors. The vote was unanimous and contingent on inspection by the bus supervisor.

The board voted to approve the application for a recycling program for the school, which will be done in conjunction with Rolling Hills, which also does recycling for Grant City. The school will recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and tin. Students will collect paper throughout the classrooms and work areas. Custodial staff will consolidate paper into bags. Kitchen staff and custodial staff will break down cardboard boxes. Kitchen staff will rinse and compact tin cans. Plastic water and pop bottles from concession stands and vending sales will be collected. The Grant City Leo Club will remove caps and rinse bottles. Plastic and tin cans will be separated from the paper. Sorted materials will be stored in a shed, which will be built by the Agriculture Construction Class, or in enclosed trailers, using grant money. Grant money will also be used to purchase 6 bins to collect plastic bottles. The school is requesting $8,287 for the project. The in-kind match will be $1,615, all of which will involved labor by students and staff. Total project cost will be $9,902.

The school board approved the contract with the Worth County Summer Ball Board for the use of the ball diamond from April 1st to June 30th for a cost of $500/month. Previously, it had been handled by the Superintendent; however, the auditors told the school that board approval was needed. The ball board will manage little league and summer softball programs during that time frame.

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