Friday, March 31, 2017

Grant City Sends Out Four Letters of Violation for Barking Dogs

The City of Grant City sent out four letters of violation concerning barking dogs last month. One of those owners had seven dogs, while another one had a dog that was chasing kids. City ordinances require residents to have no more than three adult dogs. Residents can keep puppies for a certain length of time before they have to find them a home. One had their dog removed from city limits. The city council referred the cases to the city attorney at their regular meeting Wednesday.

Mark Bartlett of the engineering firm Bartlett & West of St. Joseph came to the meeting to request a proposal for Gentry County PWSD #2 to connect to the waterline. They will send a proposal for the council to consider.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Martz came to discuss ideas for cleaning up the town during the school’s community service day later this spring. Ideas included cleaning the pool park and working on flower beds. Students will go to all communities to do community service work.

Dr. Martz also reported that the school was looking into getting a recycling program and that they were also looking into hazardous waste, such as household batteries. The school will select two new student representatives for the council, as they lose their current two members to graduation.
Water Superintendent Caleb Moyer reported that the city had gotten a new sewer camera and had found some bad spots. He said they plan to fix a line near Cathy James’.

The city voted to spend between $810 and $935 to update their code book. The city approved the gas contract with B.P. Energy.

Cleanup Day for the city was set for June 3rd this year.

The city approved an annual $400 fee to Gilmore & Bell for tax compliance services. The city approved a rate increase for Midwest Data for $1 a month. The council donated one individual season pass for the pool to the After Prom.

The city went into closed session following their regular meeting. The council voted to hire eight lifeguard applicants for the pool and approved a 2% cost of living increase for regular employees.

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