Monday, March 20, 2017

Grass Fire Strikes Southeast of Sheridan

A grass fire struck southeast of Sheridan Saturday afternoon at around 3 pm east of Vern Mitchell’s home at 170th & Colt. The Parnell Fire Department initially responded to the call, which was in their district. Later, further calls came into 911 and Sheridan and Grant City units responded. Fireman Justin Rush said the Sheridan Fire Department had been supervising controlled burns all morning since 9:00 and had supervised about 250 acres worth when they got the call. The Parnell crew said they were glad Sheridan arrived when they did, because they were nearly out of water. Between 3:30 and 4, the blaze, aided by a stiff south wind and a warm day, jumped 170th road and burned a small area north of the road before being contained. Area landowners were scrambling to move hay out of the area in case the fire spread. The breeze died down later in the day and the extra manpower allowed the blaze to be contained by 4:30.

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