Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grant City Health Insurance Up 17.9%

The Grant City Council learned at last Tuesday’s special meeting that their health insurance would go up 17.9% over this year’s figures for next year. The city currently has a Trustmark plan; there are currently six full-time employees who buy health insurance through the city. The city will look into other alternatives.
The city once again received no bids for the bathhouse roof; the city will try and complete the project with volunteer labor. There were no bids for the concrete or trails; the city learned that they could solicit individual businesses if there were no bids. Worth County Lumber submitted a bid for the doors for the bathhouse which the council accepted.
The council gave Clerk Ayvonne Morin permission to do legal work necessary to update the city’s zoning ordinances. Morin said that the current zoning was too confusing and that she wanted to ensure that everything was zoned correctly. The city will add permitted uses to areas currently zoned C3.
The city got back the audit from 2010. The council will look over the budget for 2011 as well as the audit and revisit it at a future meeting.
The lights have been turned on and the lines will be painted for the Downtown Renovation Project.
The council went into closed session with Code Enforcement Officer Patsy Worthington.

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