Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grant City Council Minutes for July 5th, 2011

A Special Meeting was held Tuesday July 5th, City Hall, at 6:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Debbie Roach, Aldermen: Dennis Downing, Bruce Downing, Catherine Runde and Cathy James. Clerk: Ayvonne Morin, PWD: Carl Staton, Jesse Stark, Bridget Gibson, and Patsy Worthington.
Mayor called the meeting to order.
-Bids/Bathhouse Roof: No bids were received. Volunteers have starting working on the roof. Next scheduled work day Saturday July 9th, at 8:00 a.m.
-Bids/Concrete Trails: No bids were received for a Mo-Dot Mix. Tabled to July 20th, meeting.
-Bathhouse Doors: Since no bids were received from June 21, meeting, the board solicited from Worth County Lumber Yard. After review, Catherine Runde made motion to approve the bid from Worth Co. Lumber, $5019.90, Bruce Downing, seconded, motion carried, with Dennis Downing abstaining.
-Medical Insurance: Employee medical insurance is up for renewal with increase of 18% .Clerk instructed to contact Bill Dierenfeldt about pricing.
-Home Based Business: Discussion only.
-Zoning: Clerk to contact City Attorney about some zoning issues.
-2010 Audit/Budget Amendments: Mayor and Board will review the 2010 audit.
Catherine Runde made motion to adjourn meeting and go into closed session pursuant to: 610-021(3) Employees, Cathy James, seconded, motion carried.
Closed Session: Catherine Runde made motion to adjourn closed session and meeting, Dennis Downing, seconded, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

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