Friday, January 20, 2017

Referee Dan Gallagher Locked In Dressing Room at NEN Game

Referee Dan Gallagher and his crew were locked in the dressing room during the halftime of the Northeast Nodaway girls game with Mound City. Folks at Northeast Nodaway were obviously wondering where Mr. Miller was when they needed him. The door handle came out of the door, and efforts to key the door open were unsuccessful. It took Principal Dan Grove and some other volunteers along with a hammer and a screwdriver about 10 minutes to take out the top window along with the door so that Gallagher and his crew could get out so that the game could resume. "I've never had officials locked in the dressing room before," said Grove afterwards. Gallagher took the whole episode in stride; he and his crew were cheered as they reentered the playing floor. It was one of the few times the referees had won a popularity contest in recent years.

It was one of the few highlights of an otherwise forgettable night at Northeast Nodaway. The boys, after showing promise at Bethany, had every reason to keep building on it, but all hell broke loose in the first and third quarters as they fell to Mound City 60-33. Dylan Mildfeldt had 11, Rowdy West and Eli Scroggie 7 each, Spencer Weir 4, and Dylan Vore and Mitchell Sherry 2 each. The girls game was not any better, as the game got out of hand early and Northeast lost 58-25. Makayla Adwell had 15 and Gerry Runde 10.

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