Friday, January 20, 2017

Gerry Runde, Andrew Freemyer are NEN Homecoming Royalty

Gerry Runde and Andrew Freemyer were named Northeast Nodaway Homecoming Royalty Thursday night before Friday's game with Jefferson. Named Prince and Princess were Levi Boulting and Blair Stoll. They were crowned by last year's royalty, Jill Spire and Max Giesken, along with crownbearers Rylee Scadden and Liam Cordell. Other high school candidates were Alicia Smith, Brea Coulter, Jana Walker, Brayden Welch, Colton Wilmes, and Mitchell Sherry. Other junior high candidates were Ben Boswell and Madelynn Mattson.

A chili supper was held before the rally in the lunch room. The band and cheerleaders along with the junior cheerleaders provided entertainment during the rally. Four boys were brave enough to volunteer to be duck-taped on the wall; after a long wait, Drew Dack was the last one standing after everyone else had fallen off. During the rally, it was announced that the Northeast Nodaway cheerleaders were selected to perform at the Final Four this year. Tammy West was named Fan of the Year, while a game of "Pluck the Eagle" was held, in which the cheerleaders competed against a group of boys basketball players and a group of NEN alums. The cheerleaders won both contests.

The floats by all the classes were displayed. Due to the short week, the classes were given one day to complete the float, but they were all good, with a tie between the sophomores and the seniors. The spirit stick this year went to the sophomores, after they had split an epic rivalry with last year's senior squad. The sophomores scored 73 points out of a possible 75; they were judged on dressup days as well as the float and overall. The seniors were second, while the freshmen were third.

The annual game of musical chairs gave the alums a chance to show that they still had it. Both principals participated and one of them, Ken Grove, slipped and fell on the floor during one round, which got Mr. Proffitt agitated -- possibly about the scratch marks on his home floor.

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