Thursday, March 16, 2023

Cody Green Offered Teacher Contract; School Applies for Energy Grant

The Worth County School Board offered renewal contracts to all current teachers for the 2023-24 school year and offered Cody Green a teacher contract for the 2023-24 school year at their regular meeting Wednesday.

The board is in the process of applying for a $1.8 million energy improvement grant and has advanced through the first round of application screening.

The curriculum program was rated as Above Average. Strengths listed include the board reviewing policies on schedule, the school offering a variety of coursework, updated curriculum, new math content resources purchased within the last two years, and the curriculum aligned to Priority Missouri Learning Standards in fall 2021.

Concerns listed include the fact that the curriculum has been updated recently, but that new staff needs time to become familiar. Recommendations include providing time and resources to allow teachers to align curriculum to state standards and implement it at age appropriate levels.

Besides offerings mandated by the state, the school offers additional courses through online access, such as LAUNCH, Mizzou, and Odysseyware. Dual credit courses are available through North Central Missouri College, Northwest, Missouri Western, and Missouri Valley.

Numbers for the district’s Annual Performance Review from 2022 were released. Academic achievement status for English & Language Arts and Math for the entire district was rated as being “On Track,” while Science and Social Studies were rated as “Approaching.” Academic achievement growth for English & Language Arts was rated as “Below Average” and Math was rated as “Average.” Success ready students were rated as “Approaching,” while graduation rates were rated as on target. Districtwide, the school scored 82.5 out of a possible 124 points possible on performance, while it scored all 52 points possible for continuous improvement. Overall, the district scored 134.5 points out of a possible 176, or 76.4%.

The numbers for the school were in line with the state and the area. Out of 553 measured, 435 scored between 70% and 94.9%. In the region, 47 out of 59 ranked between 70% and 94.9%. The school was ranked in the 68th percentile, or higher than 68% of schools, in math performance and in the 66th percentile in English & Language Arts. 

Elementary Principal Chuck Borey reported that the school participated in the statewide tornado drill on March 7th and everything went smoothly. 

Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Coleman had the Heart Challenge. They raised a total of $7,846.01. The class with the most students registered was a tie between the 2nd and 3rd grades. The 3rd grade raised the most money. Findley Sherer raised the most money, raising over $1,000. Kaydence and Hadley Downing worked as a team and finished second, also raising over $1,000. Sophia Combs was 3rd, Teagan Saville 4th, and Baylor Sagel 5th. These students will participate in tossing slime at some of the local law enforcement officers. The 39 students who raised over $25 for Heart Heroes will participate in Cosmic Bowling that Mrs. Campbell will set up in the multipurpose room at a later date.

Tiger token winners for February were second and fourth grades. They get to carry the Tiger Token Class of the Month banner with them to specials.

Kindergarten invited moms in to enjoy muffins with them on February 23rd.

The PTO Carnival was held on March 3rd and some of the Elementary Staff helped at some of the games.

The Kindness Club met on March 13th and made a basket for the nursing home. They made four-leaf clover cards along with glitter bottles. They made baskets with candy for the classrooms from a leprechaun thanking them for being so kind last month and encouraging them to continue their kindness every day, not just on certain days. They also gave out kindness calendars for March and April.

Mrs. Pottorff had an activity for the Elementary to do during Random Acts of Kindness Week. It was called, “We’ve Been Hugged!” An envelope was started in a classroom and that class had to pick one of the random acts of kindness to do out of the envelope. When that class was done, they forwarded it to another class and placed a sign on the doorway saying, “We’ve Been Hugged!” The sixth graders wrote notes of encouragement to the high school basketball teams.

Ms. Degase, Mrs. Rush, and Mrs. Schlapia went to the Younger Years Conference last week and are implementing some of the things they have learned.

Third grade worked on fractions using mini chocolate bars. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders enjoyed game time for their reading incentive party.

The 2023-24 Kindergarten Parent Meeting will be held April 12th at 6 pm this year. Kindergarten screening will take place on Friday, April 14th.

Teachers are getting ready for field trips this year. K-3 will go to St. Joseph to The Fun Run on May 5th. 4-6 will go to Kansas City to The Rush Funplex on May 9th.

The Worth County Parents as Teachers group will meet at the Activity Center on March 23rd from 4 pm to 5 pm.

On April 19th, the Title I and School Counseling programs will host a parent meeting. The guest speaker will be Jackie Cochenour. She will present to parents about protecting children through active bystanding and healthy touch for children and youth. Parents will receive guidelines for healthy touch at home and in youth serving settings, learn how to balance children’s needs for warmth and affection with safe and respectful ways of interacting, and learn about healthy sexual development in children so they can identify normal and abnormal touching behaviors. Parents will receive practical skills for protecting children and learn how to be an active bystander in child sexual abuse prevention and response. 

A career day was held at the Elementary on March 16th. Speakers included Hailey (Green) Seipel (Radiologic Technologist), Alissa (Miller) Ridge (Pharmacist), Angel Roush (EMT), Mark Downey (Senior Application Engineer), Tom Davidson (Construction Worker), and Debbie Roach (Mayor of Grant City).

Curriculum Director and Athletic Director Josh Smith reported on some of the things students were learning.

Second graders are learning multiple ways of adding the same problem using vertical addition, hundreds chart, number bonds, arrows, and the number line.

Third graders are learning how to put fractions on a number line and identifying the equivalent fraction. Students broke apart Hershey bars to see fourths and fractions.

High school Algebra I are learning how to factor polynomials. 8th graders are using Edpuzzle and Blooket to learn about exponents. 8th grade ag students are learning about different byproducts that result from the production of animals and plants for food, including bioplastic.

Fears that the new baseball cooperative with Northeast Nodaway would gut the track and golf programs did not materialize, at least for this year. There are 16 boys out for varsity track and 15 girls. There are 12 boys and 12 girls out for junior high track. There are 9 out for boys golf, one of the highest participation numbers in quite some time. There are 7 participating in the baseball cooperative with Northeast Nodaway.

The Junior High Scholar Bowl finished the season undefeated.

Autumn Cousatte, Brylee Rush, Kara Staton, and Riley Ridge were named to the Academic All-State Softball Squad.

4th grade teacher Ashton Lewis, 5th grade teacher Rachel (Runde) Lane, and High School Social Studies teacher Cree Beverlin presented to the board about their classroom activities.

The school awarded a bid from Warner Heating & Air to put in heating units in the ag building and the main school entrance along with putting a new heating unit in the boiler room at a total estimated cost of $27,700. The cost is only an estimate due to price fluctuations of materials and equipment. Board member Tish Warner abstained.

The board voted to direct Superintendent Chris Healy to solicit bids for painting the exterior elementary building along with painting the bus barn.

The next Board of Education Meeting will be April 20th at 7:30 pm. The board will make extra duty assignments and hire non-certified staff.

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