Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Male Beauty Contest Raises Over $1,000 for Camp Quality

The Male Beauty Contest at the Hopkins Picnic Saturday raised $513.30 for Camp Quality. Participants were “Debbie” (Mike Crowe), “Kitty” (Dan Coleman, “Angel” (Tim Hoepker), “Bambi” (Bart Oberhauser), “Tequila Rose” (Denny Dow), “Paa” (Dakota Johnson), “Tricia” (Dustin Rowen), “Daisy” (Richard Frampton), “Dorothy” (Harold Dye), “Owena” (Owen Coleman), “Rogetta” (Roger Frueh), and “Buttercup” (Brian Komers). Subsequent to Saturday night's show, an individual who couldn't make it to the show donated another $500 to the cause. It costs $1,500 to send a kid to Camp Quality. As of Tuesday afternoon, the total was $1,333.30 and counting.

Among the winners, the overall winner was “Kitty.” Most authentic was “Bambi,” who dressed in a Mustangs cheerleader outfit. Wildest was “Buttercup.” Sexiest Legs went to “Daisy.” The Hair and Accessories award went to “Bambi.” Most Thought Out and Dressed was “Angel.”

Despite dire threats of being taken out by experienced mud wrestlers and twins “Paa” and “Tricia,” the judges, picked from outside the community, stuck with their overall choice of “Kitty.” The judges were apparently intrigued by “Kitty’s” secretive nature, clean livin’ style, and extensive workouts. Apparently, the judges didn’t have the money to pony up $199.99 for “Angel’s” problem solving.

They are still taking donations for the cause. To donate, contact Sara Wyer Coleman, Dan Coleman, Richard Frampton, or Roger Frueh.

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