Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Worth County Sheriff's Report

2-14 – People in to get a report.
2-14 – Person called to report a cow out north of Grant City. Owner notified.
2-15 – Person called needing ambulance to a resident’s house. Person had fallen and possibly broken something.
2-15 – Officer served papers.
2-16 – Person came in to talk to the sheriff.
2-16 – Some people in to talk with sheriff.
2-17 – Person in to ask about a report.
2-21 – Person in to ask about CCW.
2-21 – Person brought in a statement.
2-22 – Person came in for a CCW.
2-22 – Person came in to update some papers.
2-23 – Person called needing some information on a report.
2-24 – A person called needing an officer to check on a resident, but everything was fine. The person got hold of the resident.

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