Monday, December 23, 2013

Megan Rosenbohm Nearly Gets Quintuple Double

Nodaway-Holt standout Megan Rosenbohm has had a pretty impressive career, but she had an outstanding game even by her own standards. She nearly pulled off a quintuple double in Friday night’s championship game against South Nodaway at the Northwest Missouri Tournament at Northeast Nodaway. Nodaway-Holt won the game 60-42.

She had 22 points, 11 assists, 10 boards, 8 blocks, and 8 steals in the win. But true to form, she said, “It doesn’t matter as long as we get the win.”

This has not been the only time that she has excelled on the Northeast Nodaway court. During her 8th grade year, Holly Redden had just hit an NBA 3-pointer with a defender draped all over her for Northeast Nodaway in the closing seconds of the third quarter. Megan got the ball and lofted up a three quarters court shot with her right hand, which is her non-dominant hand. The shot was nothing but net; she shrugged it off afterwards like it was no big deal.

After the Trojans had not won a game for the previous two years, they have had an unprecedented run of success with Megan on the court. A matchup between Megan Rosenbohm’s Trojans and Sierra Michaelis’ Mercer Cardinals would have been an epic battle, but it was not to be as the Trojans were beaten by Mound City in districts. Nodaway-Holt finally got by the Panthers this year and stands undefeated.

Megan has signed with Southwest Baptist, where she will play for the purple Bearcats.

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